[U-Boot-Users] 4xx ethernet bringup

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Thu Dec 27 16:38:35 CET 2007

On Saturday 22 December 2007, shami Allam wrote:
> > After this if i ping it's not pinging self and also the host
> > ip( Can you help me out what could be the problem..... =>
> > mii read 0x01
>  0x01
> > when i read the PHY 0x01 register following is the value 0x7849. This
> > value show that "No Link". why so. PHY chip i am using DP83848I
> Possibly a PHY configuartion problem. Did you check if you soldered the
> correct resistors and condensators? Is the power-supply ok?
>   if I do the PHY loopback by enabling the bit 14bit in the BMCR. i am
> getting the reply. Still you suspect PHY configuration problem.....or do i
> need to do anything at MAC side......

Yes, I still suspect PHY hardware problems. Check (again) all R's and C's, 
clocks and power supplies.

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