[U-Boot-Users] Pull request: u-boot-freebsd

Ben Warren biggerbadderben at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 20:59:00 CET 2007

Rafal Jaworowski wrote:
> Dear Wolfgang,
> you wrote:
>>>> This adds a lot of code to the networking code which is not neede dby
>>>> most of the boards. Please make this an optional feature that get's
>>>> only compiled in for boards that explicitely request it. Then run this
>>>> patch separately through the network custodian.
>>> I already sent this patch to Ben and the list some time ago and got an initial
>>> ACK, but I'll re-spin with.
>> Even is Ben ACKed this patch, it should go through *his*  repository,
>> not  your's  (which  is  supposed  to contain FreeBSD related changes
>> only).
> Yes, I know what you mean, although it's not always that sharp in case of
> cross-functional areas changes. Also, assuming such purely orthogonal
> development model may bring unnecessary burden and delays when a greater
> number of areas (and custodians) is involved: individual changes need to be
> processed by responsible custodians, merging should happen in order and so on.
> Just my thoughts :) But I can wait for Ben, no problem.
Yeah, I don't know which is the best way to handle this case, and you're 
right that it's certainly not unique. I can either take the one patch, 
or you can add my signed-off-by. As grand poo-bah, maybe Wolfgang can 
set policy here...


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