[U-Boot-Users] reg ISP 1561 integration with u-boot1.1.6

Matthias Fuchs matthias.fuchs at esd-electronics.com
Wed Jan 10 18:13:45 CET 2007


it's working. I modified the testing-USB branch to run against a PCI OHCI 
controller (Philips ISP1561) on the APC405 board (PowerPC PPC405GPr). 

Enumeration and USB storage is working. I do not dare to say 'working well'.

The main changes concern endianess fixes. The former code only supports OHCI 
controller with the same endianess as the CPU. The other fix allows a offset 
to access the system RAM by the busmastering OHCI controller. I called this 
constant CFG_PCIRAM_BASE. But the name is a little bit confusion, isn't it?

Here are my (first) questions: 
1) What do I have to do in usb_board_stop() and usb_board_init_fail()?
My current code can only initialize the OHCI controller once. A 2nd 'usb 
start' does not find any devices.

2) I had to disable the 'return -1' statement for an unfinished urb in 
sohci_submit_job(). Why isn't it finished?

Please do not blame me for the board dependent code still in the usb_ohci.c 
file. I will move it later.

The modified code is not tested on any other board (e.g. with on-chip OHCI 
controllers). I might break other boards.


On Friday 05 January 2007 06:43, mahendra varman wrote:
> Hi,
> Have u successfully enumerated the usb devices thru ISP1561 ?
> Iam facing problem even in enumeration ....
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