[U-Boot-Users] cpu_init.c: qe_config_ioports not being called?

Russell McGuire rmcguire at videopresence.com
Wed Jan 10 19:26:45 CET 2007



I was wondering if somebody could help me out to understand something.


Using the MPC8360E, I have configured up a custom header board and have used
the appropriate 

#define CONFIG_QE. However when I boot the board up the
'config_qe_ioports()' doesn't seem to get called.

Consequently the Ethernet doesn't work after U-boot completes.


I placed some printf()'s in the function to see if it was getting called,
and no printouts.


So my question is, why isn't the 'config_qe_ioports()' getting called inside
the mpc83xx/cpu_init_f.

Is perhaps cpu_init_f() not getting called? Stumped here. 


U-boot seems to work fine otherwise, it boots completely into RAM and
relocates, etc. I can use the md command and query the ioports and see the
settings are not taking effect.






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