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Take your time looking at Peters paintings.
AsbjornLonvig's artprice. We are impressed with your ability tosimplify a concept into an image and concentrate it,to include only what is necessary.
TheInteractive Lecture ConceptToday I am excited. Thename Yessy is a tribute to a fellow artist from Colombia, South Americawho will always be remembered for her integrity and inspiration. I knewwhere to start and instantly the audience understood that the dialogguided us throughthe lecture. I havefound my favorite because I am fascinated by the shapes and colors -the title is "drowning".
Because it's at thevery center of the year just as art is at the very center of the word "earth" as well as acentral element in so many events in our lives. com you benefit from the millions of visits we get fromartists, gallery owners, and art enthusiasts. After andbeyond the primary emotion, in a second phase ofcontemplation, the spirit endeavours to confer an overall significanceon thetable.
Howto communicatethroughpictures "Communiquerpar l'images"The French author AlainJoannes has written a book on this subject. orgtheInternational site in Englishjp. Das SeepferdHippo-Cam-Pus. in Art Education from The Ohio State University.
com, that focus on preschoolers andkindergarteners in all US states usethe LUCCA-project every day.
Inthis way Konstverket. Inspired from visiting a kangaroofarmsouth of Canberra.
Go to Uppsala and see it yourself. Myfirst Interactive Lecture  Therewas an audience. In theEnglish speaking literary corner there are 7 fairy tales, an e-book, 2storytellings etc.
The Gallery-Worldwideselection contains a collection of my American, Canadian, Parisian and Mediterranean inspired paintings.
Regards,Allan MajotraDirector, Artist RelationsI exhibit 25 works in Madrid.
orgThis is a site in French in QuebecCity.
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