[U-Boot-Users] Changes to U-Boot Development Process

Josh Boyer jwboyer at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 15:51:51 CET 2007

On 1/18/07, Jerry Van Baren <gerald.vanbaren at smiths-aerospace.com> wrote:
> Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> > Hello,
> [snip]
> > We would like to follow the Linux precedent by assembling a  list  of
> > people  willing  to  invest  time  and  effort into this; the already
> > existing MAINTAINERS file will serve  a  new  function  to  list  the
> > individual  custodians with their corresponding area of responsibilty
> > and contact information.
> >
> > Each custodian will have to administrate  his  or  her  git  tree  to
> > streamline transparent development and integration (pulling) into the
> > "official"  U-Boot repository. If the need should arise (for example,
> > if a custodian doesn't have convenient means  to  host  it  himself),
> > DENX will of course be glad to host such trees.
> It I don't know if the request is reasonable in terms of disk space and
> burdening denx.de with administrative work, but it would be nice if the
> primary maintainers had their official feeder repositories on the
> denx.de site.  It is _very_ useful to have the feeder git repositories
> in one place for easy reference, and that way the repositories would
> tend to be more stable and available.

Git can clone on a local machine and use the --reference option to
point to the official tree.  That means that the maintainer's trees
would not need the full set of all the objects in the tree as the main
tree will be used as a reference for those.  This greatly reduces the
storage overhead for those trees.

Just an FYI.


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