[U-Boot-Users] DTB /OF_TREE Newbie and U-boot

Russell McGuire rmcguire at videopresence.com
Thu Jan 18 19:35:11 CET 2007



Now that I have u-boot up and running on my MPC8360E I am going to begin
trying to boot Linux 2.6.15 or newer.

However, I keep seeing mention of these Device Tree Blobs and OF_TREE's
throughout the code.


I realize now that for SOC chips such as a MPC8360E that passing a DTB
structure into the bootm command is probably a required step??? Is this


If so I see in some cases that this structure might be partly constructed
within the U-boot code, at least I see code doing something with OF_TREE's.


1)       Is the U-boot compilation process generating a .dtb structure that
we can burn into firmware, at least or certain CPU architectures?

2)       Is this a manual process that requires an outside dtb compiler, and
if so why is U-boot code dealing with this?

3)       Is this built into the bd_info structure?


Or I guess if somebody just has a documentation link I can just read, I
didn't see anything about OF_TREE's in the DULG manual.





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