[U-Boot-Users] RFC: Extra args for reset command?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jan 18 23:59:30 CET 2007

Dear Jon,

in message <1169159512.5241.4.camel at cashmere.sps.mot.com> you wrote:
> I have need for some additional arguments to the
> "reset" command as found in common/cmd_boot.c on
> the MPC8641HPCN board.

The "reset" command is documented to perform a hardware reset of  the
board. It does not take arguments.

> Specifically, one can say "reset altbank", for
> example, and have the reset operation set some
> FPGA bits that indicate the chip should come out
> of reset using the alternate flash bank as the
> boot image source.  There are a few other possible
> variants that the FPGA supports, and would need to
> be specified on the "reset" command.

I think such special functions should be handled in a separate command.

> There are a few ways we might have these options
> be introduced.  First, we could directly change the
> Do you have advice, preference, or an alternate method
> you would prefer?

I recommend to leave the "reset" command unchanged. In good old  Unix
philosophy  it performs just a small task. What you are asking for is
a different set of functions - this  should  IMHO  be  handled  in  a
separate (and board specific) command.

If you really want, your custom command could even call do_reset().

BTW: I'd appreciate if we could  discuss  such  changes  before  they
sneak in.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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