[U-Boot-Users] Changes to U-Boot Development Process

Tolunay Orkun listmember at orkun.us
Fri Jan 19 11:23:26 CET 2007

Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> Do we have an immediate line of volunteers raising in the first row?
> Skimming through the archives we came up with a list of people  which
> the  U-Boot  project  already  is indebted to and probably being good
> candidates for custodians. Of course this list cannot  and  does  not
> want  to  be  a  "credits"  list  of  all  the valuable people having
> contributed, so please don't attribute anything else to it as being a
> starting point for this new maintenance mode. Also there are multiple
> suggestions where ultimately of course we would like the community to
> decide.
> So with all these precautions in place, here we go:
> ARM architecture	Richard Woodruff, Peter Pearse
> AVR32 architecture	Haavard Skinnemoen
> Blackfin architecture	Aubrey Li
> Intel IXP architecture	Stefan Roese
> ColdFire architecture	Stefan Roese
> Microblaze architecture	Michal Simek
> MIPS architecture	Rodolfo Giometti, Andrew Dyer
> MPC83xx architecture	Kim Phillips
> MPC85xx architecture	Jon Loelinger
> MPC86xx architecture	Jon Loelinger
> MPC8xx architecture	Wolfgang Denk
> NIOS(2)			Scott McNutt
> PPC4xx architecture	Stefan Roese
> CFI FLASH driver	Tolunay Orkun

I am honored. I do not have hosting capability right now so this part of 
the tree will need to be hosted on your site for the time being.

I guess you will detail the working protocol push/pull, conflict 
resolution, documentation etc. in more detail in the near future.

> NAND FLASH subsystem	Ladislav Michl, Stefan Roese
> USB drivers		Markus Klotzbücher
> So thanks for bearing with  us  through  this  longwinded  mail  that
> hopefully starts to pave the way to a new level of quality and extent
> of  the  U-Boot project that is only possibly through its very active
> community - you!

Thanks for being such a good (and sometimes mis-understood) gatekeeper. 
Your leadership made U-Boot an open source standard.

Best regards,

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