[U-Boot-Users] CSB637 configuration maps code wrong?

Patrick Fallberg patrick.fallberg at netville.se
Mon Jan 29 23:22:56 CET 2007

I am trying to get u-boot to work on a Cogent CSB637, but it seem that the
default configuration maps the code to the wrong place.
In config.mk, TEXT_BASE is configured to 0x23fc0000 which seem to make the
ELF file locate the code to that location instead of FLASH (0x10000000).
I use a Lauterbach to flash the board using JTAG and if I write the binary
file to 0x10000000 it seems to start executing OK, but when it comes to the
relocation part, it looks like it cannot map the memory correctly.
When it attempts to transfer to SDRAM it copies to addr. 0x0, but it has not
remapped the memory so 0x0 still points at FLASH, resulting in a definite
Is there any additional configuration necessary to set up the address-ranges
apart from a "make csb637_config" followed by a "make all"?
I have tried this on u-boot-1.1.6.

Best regards, Patrick Fallberg
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