[U-Boot-Users] IXP and I2C - support

Martijn de Gouw martijn.de.gouw at prodrive.nl
Thu Mar 1 16:20:35 CET 2007


> and noticed that IXP does not have hardware I2C-support in 
> U-Boot. Has 
> some one made the hardware support? 

the IXP425 does not have hardware I2C support.

> I also checked the soft_i2c, but then I would need to 
> implement gpio for 
> IXP, because U-Boot doesn't seem to have them. So, if some one has 
> already made the support for harware I2C, I think it's easier to 
> integrate that to the my version of U-Boot than trying to get the 
> soft_i2c working.
> Or, if nobody has made the I2C-support, have someone made the 
> gpio-support? I haven't check how much I have to modify the code if I 
> try to use the gpio-code from the kernel.

On our board (pdnb3 from prodrive) we have use software support for
Look into this board configure to figure out how to support this.

Regards, martijn de gouw

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