[U-Boot-Users] IXP and I2C - support

madcat at takaisin.fi madcat at takaisin.fi
Fri Mar 2 08:05:27 CET 2007

On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 04:20:35PM +0100, Martijn de Gouw wrote:
> On our board (pdnb3 from prodrive) we have use software support for
> gpio.
> Look into this board configure to figure out how to support this.
I got the I2C working on some level. I configured the I2C-commands so I 
could test the I2C from command line.

Iprobe - gets the addresses pretty much what it supposed to be, but the 
problem is the reading with imd -command. Some times the command seems 
to be working almost fine. Some times the results are difrerent every 
time I read the chip when it should be the same since I'm trying to 
read a chip that has constant data(for example eeprom). Most of the time 
not all the data is read. Maybe first 3-4 bytes are ok and rest of the 
bytes are either 00 or ff. 

Should I somehow reset the I2C-bus, am I doing something wrong or maybe 
there is some configuration error or maybe even a bug in a code?! 

I tried to slow down the speed to 40kHz, but no help. The CPU should be 
running at 530MHz, so it should be able to work with the 40kHz bus 


Teemu K.

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