[U-Boot-Users] HUSH shell in u-boot.- CONFIG_CMDLINE_EDITING

Sam Song samsongshu at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Mar 7 11:07:46 CET 2007

Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:
> > 3) u-boot CLI (even in HUSH mode) doesn't support command history.
> Yes, it does. You have to enable it in the configuration, though.

It's realy a nice feature for debug. I just tried that for u-boot
1.1.6 and it worked fine. Enable CONFIG_CMDLINE_EDITING.
> History and command line editing are config options.

Hopefully, it will be an default config options for all developers
for it make work/life easier.

Thanks for releaving this option:-)


Best regards,



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