[U-Boot-Users] HUSH shell in u-boot.

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Mar 6 22:40:57 CET 2007

In message <406A31B117F2734987636D6CCC93EE3CB058D9 at ehost011-3.exch011.intermedia.net> you wrote:
> 1) Does any HUSH guide exist? At the very least where one can get list
> of supported commands except of empirically trying them? 

We borrowed the code from the BusyBox project. You may look there for
more documentation. Please let me know if you find any :-(

> 2) For several different reasons I'm using 1.1.4 version of u-boot, but
> I am considering move to the latest 1.2.0. Is HUSH support much better
> there?

No, changes to the hush code were only minimal.

> 3) u-boot CLI (even in HUSH mode) doesn't support command history. I

Yes, it does. You have to enable it in the configuration, though.

> understand that there are good reasons for that (some terminals may not
> interpret arrow key properly) but if I want to use history, is it just a
> matter of enabling some configuration or the code just doesn't exist? 

History and command line editing are config options.

> 4) Regarding previous question, will be answer the same for 1.1.4 and
> 1.2.0 versions?

No. I'm talking about recent code only.

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