[U-Boot-Users] SDRAM cache inhibit

David Clark dlclark at chtech.com
Wed Mar 7 16:35:49 CET 2007

> See the README. "Data cache ... cannot be disabled ..."

To be thorough, I am not disabling cache; I am instead marking the SDRAM
as cache inhibited via the BAT registers.  

It was my understanding (apparently incorrect), from the README that the
reason "Data cache ... cannot be disabled ..." was due to the (mis-) use
cache for initialization purposes.  In my case my data cache is still
enabled and my CFG_INIT_RAM_ADDR block is still cacheable.  

Is my understanding flawed?

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In message <008001c7604a$661c0ff0$0f01a8c0 at longhorn> you wrote:
> using an MPC8245 and have tried the following combination of iBAT and
> In summary U-boot works with caching but it fails whenever the dBAT is
> set to cache inhibit for the SDRAM.  Is this expected operation or is
> further indication of an SDRAM problem?

See the README. "Data cache ... cannot be disabled ..."

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