[U-Boot-Users] USB storage support question

Matt Gessner mgessner at Avidyne.com
Wed Mar 7 21:42:52 CET 2007

The two boards aren't really that far apart, and AFAICT the USB ports
are set up the same way, from looking at the schematics.

I have successfully loaded u-boot and done things with the flash devices
that are on board without problems in the past, as well.

I'll look again for differences, I guess.

Assuming it's not an issue in the configuration, what should I be
configuring the USB support to handle?  I noticed in looking at some of
the debug logged that there are SCSI devices identified.  Should I
enable SCSI support?

Thanks again, and regards,


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> > I have the AT91RM9200EK board, and I want to do something with the
> > host ports on the board, so I've put the following in my
> > config file:
> The at91rm9200dk.h configuration is for the DK board, not the EK.
> Are you sure this can work?
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