[U-Boot-Users] USB storage support question

Matt Gessner mgessner at Avidyne.com
Thu Mar 8 15:42:50 CET 2007

OK, thank you, this was the answer I was seeking.

I'll try a different card reader.

The one I have right now registered somehow as a SCSI device.



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> > My question is more along the lines of: what storage devices work on
> > this interface, and what configuration flags (other than the ones I
> > reported I set) are necessary to make those work?
> It implements support for the Mass Storage Device class.
> > Does it handle hard drives?  Flash drives?  What disk formats?  FAT
> > (tried it and it didn't work)?  FAT32 (tried it and it didn't work)?
> It should work with all  compatible  mass  storage  devices  -  disk,
> memory  sticks,  all  sorts  of  memory  cards  interfaced  through a
> compatible card reader, etc.  Note  that  not  all  devices  actually
> follow the USB specs, so some of this simple don't work.
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