[U-Boot-Users] Sign-off policy

Grant Likely grant.likely at secretlab.ca
Mon Mar 12 22:25:28 CET 2007

On 3/12/07, Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:
> Dear Ben,
> in message <1173710718.12892.22.camel at saruman.qstreams.net> you wrote:
> >
> > I apologize in advance for not knowing more about this.
> I don't know more about it either. This all is new for me, too.


> > Do you want custodians to add a 'signed-off-by' to patches (via the
> > --signoff switch to 'git-am').  I assume yes, since it adds
> > traceability, but of course I don't want to imply authorship for
> > somebody else's hard work.
> My understanding is that signed-off-by does not claim authorship;  if
> in doubt, you probably could also add an "Acked-by" instead, although
> I have no idea if this just used by some, or formally accepted.

My understanding is that 'Acked' means you've looked at it and you
don't see anything troublesome.

'Signed-off-by' for Linux means that you agree with the patch, and you
can certify that the patch clears the "Developer's Certificate of
Origin" in linux-2.6/Documentation/SubmittingPatches.  We should
probably adopt a similar policy (or just blatently rip off the Linux
policy and be done with it).

Maintainers/Committers should use signed-off-by lines; others can use
either depending on their level of involvement with the change.


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