[U-Boot-Users] I cann't access the memory region,please help me

赵 包 zjrbhy at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Mar 14 16:24:34 CET 2007

u-boot1.1.5 can run on my s3c44b0 evaluation board,but the network doesn't work. through the method i explained below , I  find I cann't initialize the register of RTL8019 connecting to CS6 of  44b0.
  the method I applied to find the truth that I cann't initialize the register of RTL8019 at all:
  FIRST step: I wrote a small  test program just to write and read the register of    RTL8019,then printf the result.
  SECOND step:load my  u-boot1.1.5  bin file through ethernet port,(there is a thoroughly correct bootloader already in my  evaluation board,i haven't source code)
  THIRD step:run my own u-boot1.1.5 bootloader,load the small  test program through serial port, run it,write and read RTL8019 register ,the result isn't correct.
   if I load the small  test program through the bootloader shipped with the board,run the small  test program,write and read RTL8019 register  ,I can get the right data.
  through this method,I get the memory configuration register data of the shipped bootloader.I configure my u-boot1.1.5 the same, but it does  not work.
  I am so puzzled,please help me.!

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