[U-Boot-Users] README.NetConsole question

Scott McNutt smcnutt at psyent.com
Thu Mar 15 15:41:12 CET 2007

> Wow, a short research shows that netcat is not a program but a whole
> family :)  Just for the records the Debian netcat seems to be the
> original implementation by <hobbit AT atstake DOT com>.

I checked the CVS repo at OpenBSD It looks like the -l -p
option interaction was pulled in when Eric Jackson's updates
for IPv6 support were added in Revision 1.21


The commit comments seem humorous (but only in hindsight):

"Import completely re-written netcat w/ support for IPv6.
very little usage has changed ...."

> Anyway, if the netcat from FedoraCore wins out and -l does not combine
> with -p anymore, can someone please fix Wikipedia[1]?

That and a hundred other web pages! ;-)

Best Regards,

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