[U-Boot-Users] .section .bootpg, "ax"

Charles Krinke ckrinke at istor.com
Sun Mar 18 22:46:08 CET 2007



From: Jerry Van Baren [mailto:gerald.vanbaren at comcast.net]
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To: Charles Krinke
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Subject: Re: [U-Boot-Users] .section .bootpg, "ax"

Charles Krinke wrote:
> I am puzzled by a statement in various init.S files in ppc near the end of the file. The statement is
> .section .bootpg, "ax"
> I understand ".section" & ".bootpg" as they are describing sections
> for the lds linker file to collect all the .bootpg segments together
> at linker time up near the reset vector.
> But, ... What does the "ax" mean?
> I thank the group in advance for helping me understand.
> Charles

Hi Charles,

The assembler (gas) is hidden in binutils.  Quoting from:
<http://www.gnu.org/software/binutils/manual/gas-2.9.1/html_chapter/as_7.html#SEC119 <http://www.gnu.org/software/binutils/manual/gas-2.9.1/html_chapter/as_7.html#SEC119> >

For ELF targets, the .section directive is used like this:

.section name[, "flags"[, @type]]

The optional flags argument is a quoted string which may contain any
combintion of the following characters:

     section is allocatable
     section is writable
     section is executable


Got it, the section .bootpg is both allocatable and executable. Thank you very much Jerry and Mike.


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