[U-Boot-Users] RFC About USB Keyboard Polling

Jon Loeliger jdl at freescale.com
Fri Mar 23 15:58:16 CET 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 18:26, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Dear Jon,
> in message <1174589857.32390.52.camel at ld0161-tx32> you wrote:
> > 
> > We need to add USB Keyboard support to the 8641 HPCN board.
> > We currently have this working in a mode that is polled
> > rather than configuring any interrupts and handlers.
> Understood.
> > However, to do so, we needed to extend the usb_kbd_getc()
> > routine to possibly poll for interrupts as well.  So as
> Um... this causes my scalp to curl...

Oh no!

> Either we have interrupts, or we use polling.
> [I think I know what you mean, but  interrupt  polling  is  a  strict
> oxymoron to me.]

Oh, right.  Yeah, I see your point here. :-)
I'll change that name to something less confusing!

> > Does this seem look a good approach to you?
> You may want to include Markus Klotzbücher in the Cc:  list  of  such
> USB related patches.

OK.  I'll try to track down an address for him!
I now see the -usb tree in his name.  Got it.

> >     Add CFG_USB_INTERRUPT_POLL support.
> >      
> >     Allow the USB controller to use interrupt polling
> Please use a better name. interrupt polling ... shudder...

Will do.

But again, does the overall approach seem like the right way?
Or should that be a Markus question (too)?

> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk

Thanks for your review,

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