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Note that Sun Studio software includes third-party technologies governed by a third party license readme  file.
When this function is called on the  XMLHttpRequest object, the call to the URL that was set during the  configuration of the object is called. Greg Murray, Sun's AJAX Architect, will be one of the people representing Sun as a member of the Dojo Foundation. "When Jonathan came, he said, 'We are fans of PostgresSQL and Open Source technologies.
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THREADPRIVATE Common Checking The -xcommonchk option adds run time checking to detect when a common block is defined THREADPRIVATE in some but not all program units.
Mash-ups with Google maps: The petstore uses a mashup with Google's Map service, alongwith Yahoo's Geo-coder service to allow users to see the available pets in a neighborhood. It addresses two difficult problems in OpenMP performance measurement: the presentation of performance data in the user model, and the understanding of the behavior of the OpenMP runtime. Learn more about this project? (Currently, it is best to use Firefox when working with this component because of problems displaying the toolbar correctly in Internet Explorer and the Safari browser. Running the Sun Studio collect command with no argument will run a script that will verify that all the appropriate patches are installed.
This application is designed to illustrate how the Java EE 5 Platform can be used to develop an AJAX-enabled Web 2. OpenMP uses the fork-join model of parallel execution.
It does not, however, provide a standardized interface that can be used for profiling. The Hubble Ultra Deep Field(HUDF) image was showing a new star coming extremely fast to earth.
You really do need to read this README page  to learn how to install and use the tools and to find out what's new. Sun Studio tools can be used by developers for the enhancement or creation stage. The default experiment is a clock-profiling experiment. Posted by: lukema  on January 15, 2007 at 01:29 PM Only logged in users may post comments. General FAQ   Sun Studio 11 for OpenSolaris - the latest enhancements and patches for Solaris Express distributions. Common to both of these markups is the lack of a built-in form submission mechanism like the one available in HTML.
It is intended to give enough information to developers so they can make wise decisions about selecting the right tool for the right task.
DTrace dynamically modifies the operating system kernel and user processes to record data at locations of interest, called probes.
A client event occurs. This option should be used for debugging only since it can degrade performance.
Probes are like programmable sensors scattered all over the Solaris OS in interesting places.
I think I was dreaming. The Ajax Impact website illustrated the construction of a jMaki Widget. Use NetBeans Java EE 5 features and make a better Java Pet Store. out ERROR (libmtsk): at abc.
Use an HTTP GET when the request is idempotent, meaning that two duplicate requests will return the same results. writeAttribute( "onclick", formMethodName, "onclick");       The FormRenderer. The user-model of that behavior has the main, or master, thread executing just as a single-threaded program. Community rated content: Each item in the petstore website can be rated by the users  Payments through PayPal: The application provides a meeting ground for buyers and sellers of pets.
Get help now with cost effective, low risk migrations.
As an Early Access participant, you will have access to additional support options as well as have the ability to provide formal feedback on features and quality.
On the other hand, statistical profiles have the advantage that they can scale very nicely to long-running programs, simply by throttling the profiling rate.
Will we see a true Semantic Web or a Web 3.
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