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It's clear that the open-sourcing drastically increased their popularity and user-base. Using a SwingWorker  instance, the application can put individual images in the list as  they arrive instead of waiting for the entire list.
The richness of the JDK also amazed me.
println("TrayIcon could not be added.
The application may have been written by a third-party company, an integration company, or an internal IT department. We developed an out-of-cycle patch for the customer to get them up and running.
Developers are not quite as lucky in Java 2D.
Also note that simply drawing on the overlay image does not necessarily update the contents of the splash-screen window.
For example, plug-in JTop is a huge improvement, and the new HotSpot diagnostic MBean, which allows you to dump memory, stack traces, and configure VM options on the fly, has proved quite handy.
You can find additional learning resources at the AJAX Developer Resource Center. If any images match the  search term, the application downloads a list of up to 100 matching  thumbnail images and produces a selectable list.
This changes what the user sees on the page.
People are very helpful, and the sources are quite easy to delve into.
In parallel, I will propose a JSR for continuations in Java, so that a common API can be established.
Also, interacting with Swing components or their default data models  from initial or worker threads is not a safe operation.
The system tray is a specialized area, typically at the bottom of the desktop, where users can access continually running programs.
You can express a component using a JSP tag on a JSP page. JavaServer Faces technology includes standard libraries for a basic set of UI components. The application has two SwingWorker  subclasses: ImageSearcher and  ImageRetriever.
The application may have been written by a third-party company, an integration company, or an internal IT department.
As this article mentioned earlier, Ajax enables the high responsiveness of many web applications. The history of Java technology is one of massive adoption, along with the development of increasingly more sophisticated and complex applications on top of the Java programming language.
Dasan has authored many white papers, books, patents, industry standards, and articles on services and service technologies, including the book, Hands-on Intranet.
In addition, JConsole, with enhanced plug-in support and dynamic attach capability, is much improved. For the  enterprise, the ability to update and maintain web applications  without deploying and installing software on potentially thousands  of client computers is a key reason for their popularity. Send us your story, and share it with your fellow developers.
There's a press release about the project on OpenLaszlo website.
How are you going to get the real problem resolved? Before doing so, however, the application should always use the static SystemTray.
Lastly, call the update() method to display what you have drawn.
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