[U-Boot-Users] xilinx drivers

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Mon Mar 26 08:28:10 CEST 2007

Hi Michal,

On Monday 26 March 2007 08:10, mONStR wrote:
> I would like to add xilinx drivers xilinx_enet and xilinx_iic to drivers
> (drivers/xilinx/xilinx_enet and xilinx_iic) folder

I would prefer something like:


> and change ifdef label 
> because I use this drivers for Microblaze processor and this drivers are
> used for ppc405 embedded core like ml300.
> Label as #if defined(XPAR_EMAC_0_DEVICE_ID) is board dependent and I would
> like to remove this define from config files for Microblaze boards.

But please make sure, that this file is only included in the targets that 
really need it.

> and then clean Makefiles...
> CFLAGS   += -I../ml300 -I../common -I../xilinx_enet -I../xilinx_iic
> OBJS	= $(BOARD).o \
> 	  serial.o \
> 	  ../xilinx_enet/emac_adapter.o  ../xilinx_enet/xemac.o \
> 	  ../xilinx_enet/xemac_options.o ../xilinx_enet/xemac_polled.o \
> 	  ../xilinx_enet/xemac_intr.o ../xilinx_enet/xemac_g.o \
> 	  ../xilinx_enet/xemac_intr_dma.o ../xilinx_iic/iic_adapter.o \
> 	  ../xilinx_iic/xiic_l.o ../common/xipif_v1_23_b.o \
> 	  ../common/xbasic_types.o ../common/xdma_channel.o \
> 	  ../common/xdma_channel_sg.o ../common/xpacket_fifo_v1_00_b.o \
> 	  ../common/xversion.o \

You are talking about the current file "board/xilinx/ml300/Makefile", right?

> Is it possible do this changes?

Yes, this is possible to change. This could definitely needs some cleanup.

Maybe Grant wants to add some remarks here? Grant?

> And after that add support for other xilinx peripherals as SPI, EMACLITE,
> etc.
> Isn't it problem with Xilinx licence?

I doesn't see to be. But I am not a lawyer.

Best regards,

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