[U-Boot-Users] Running w/o flash

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Mar 28 15:24:50 CEST 2007

Dear Ulf,

in message <003d01c770fe$fc7b1f80$01c4af0a at Glamdring> you wrote:
> Their problem with you is that you ignore patch request.

Please be fair - I did not ignore pathches, I did not find time to
process them. The end effect may be the same, but there is still a big

> Not even acknowledgement for 9 months and this was
> 6 months ago.

What should I ack? That I received the patch? I am subscribed to  the
mailing  list.  I  receive  all  postings, and I can find them in the
archives. Just sending a "received" message seems useless to me.

> This is a systematic problem, which you are trying to fixed by
> introducing guardian.

Indeed. Please believe me, the previous situation was as  frustrating
to me as it was to you and others.

> I see is a as pointless in even trying, unless you are
> prepared to accept at least existing code to be merged

I did not object against this. Lets see what others and especially the
custodian say.

> Once you have accepted blame, you do not assume responsibility 
> for it, you want to offload all the work to others.
> You have no sensibility for other peoples priorities.

I spend an considerable amount of time in the past few days trying to
overcome the conflict you have with me. This was important to me,  as
I  think  that most of your contributions are valuable for the U-Boot
community, even though I disagree with  a  few  directions  you  have
taken.  All  my  attempts  seem to have failed. Instead of helping to
de-escalate the situation, you continue to insult me.

I stop here. I tried, and failed, again.

> If you want to change U-boot, then do so, but only when 
> you have a definition of how you want to change that.

The definition has been made. See the archives.

> Meanwhile there are AT91 customers which spends a lot of time
> trying to overcome the problems you are causing by 
> a position, which could be significantly different if you
> could see it from my (and not unlikely Atmels position)

I can see it from your position.  But  as  maintainer  of  the  whole
project,  I  cannot  allow  for each and every special solution. I've
done this too often before, and the result  has  always  caused  more
harm  that benefit. I cannot accept each and every contribution, even
if it solves a local problem or helps a certain  group  of  users.  I
have to reject stuff that breaks consistency and design principles of
the U-Boot code, at least when a better way to solve this problem is
known and feasible.

I am aware that we cannot replace Dataflash  support  with  something
new  and  better  immediately, so you can be assured that it won't be
ripped out. But I will also reject patches even extend  this  current
implementation.  If  you  want  to help, please do this by helping to
replace that old code instead of adding to it.

If you really have the AT91 customers in mind, your best contribution
is to participate in the new design and implementation, so your ideas
and wishes can be considered.

Let's stop this discussion now,  please.  I  don;t  see  any  results
coming out of it.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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