[U-Boot-Users] PXA27x USB device

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Fri May 4 13:47:13 CEST 2007

On Friday 04 May 2007 12:20, Markus Klotzbücher wrote:
> > We had a lengthy discussion about the right places for such drivers a few
> > months ago. IIRC the consent was to put them into the drivers directory
> > (please correct me, if my memory fails me here). But we wanted to
> > structure this directly better. So I would suggest something like:
> >
> > drivers/usb/device/mpc8xx.c
> > drivers/usb/device/pxa27x.c
> >
> > or even
> >
> > drivers/usb/gadget/mpc8xx.c
> > drivers/usb/gadget/pxa27x.c
> >
> > to follow the Linux example a little more.
> >
> > Any comments?
> Hmm. Seems reasonable, especially if this structure will be used for all
> drivers. But is this the case?

It's a mess right now. Some cpu-specific drivers are under the drivers 
directory (like the fsl drivers/qe/* for example) and some in the cpu 
directories. We should move those drivers from time to time to the drivers 
directory. But this will take quite a while.

If we have a consense with this location for the drivers, then at least we 
should start with moving *new* drivers directly into the "correct" place.

> I still feel uncomfortable about placing 
> a cpu dependant host controller driver in a generic driver
> directory. Will such a driver be maintained mainly by the USB Custodian
> or the respective Architecture Custodian? I would assume the latter.

This depends on the driver. If it's for example the ppc4xx ethernet driver it 
should be handled by the architecture custodian, but if it's the usb-ohci 
driver then it should be handled by the usb custodian. Most drivers will be 
handled (as they are right now) by the architecture custodian.

But I see your point. By moving those cpu-specific files into the drivers 
directory, the architecture custodians need to maintain files distributed all 
over the drivers directory and not specifically in the cpu/xxx directory. I 
never thought of this before.

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