[U-Boot-Users] Wind River SBC8560 saga continues

Mark Pilant Mark.Pilant at mintera.com
Fri May 4 17:18:14 CEST 2007

>> I'm probably doing something really stupid; and probably really simple
>> which is why I haven't spotted *my* problem.
>> It is also possible the WR SBC8560 we have is broken.  Although I think
>> that is not a really likely because it runs the VxWorks bootloader fine.
> VERY unlikely since this is just dealing with the scc which is all 
> internal to the 85xx.

I have to agree it is unlikely.  But I am willing to consider just about
anything :-)

One thing I am  trying to do is locate a (binary or otherwise) version of
U-Boot already built for the WR SBC8560.  If I can locate a version I can
get to boot on our board, then it should be a simply matter to compare
what I'm doing with the one that works and find out what I've been doing
wrong.  So far, I haven't had any success with this approach.

> OK at the risk of insulting you, create the sync;isync version and load 
> it into flash.  Now figure out the start address of the the routine and 
> disassemble it with the visionICE.  Is the right stuff loaded?  Set a 
> hardware breakpoint: is it being executed?

Not to worry.  I've done my share of missing the obvious. :-) :-)

The assembly code fragments I gave were from the visionCLICK disassembler.
So I would tend to believe it is correct.

I have also set the HW breakpoint to verify the sync/isync/mbar were being
executed before the CPCR register fetch.

> Trivia: the visionICE is using the fsl background debug mode which, I am 
> sure, is not exactly the same method and path as the execution of code 
> in the processor.  Having it work for the vICE doesn't say much other 
> than the actual scc bit is working.  Somebody is feeding you stale data 
> in the path the vICE /isn't/ using.

Good to know.

> Grasping at straws (been burned before),

I'm glad to have the company.  I'm running out of straws :-)

BTW, I have a query into Freescale to see if they have any ideas as to
what might be going on.  No response as yet.

- Mark

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