[U-Boot-Users] GIT merge

Michal Simek monstr at seznam.cz
Mon May 7 13:00:54 CEST 2007

Hi custodians,
I look at http://www.denx.de/wiki/UBoot/CustodianGitTrees and
I need made merge with u-boot mainline.

I hit againts conflict.

[microblaze at monstr tmp]$ git clone
Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/u-boot-microblaze/.git/
remote: Generating pack...
remote: Done counting 33899 objects.
remote: Deltifying 33899 objects.
remote:  100% (33899/33899) done
Indexing 33899 objects.
remote: Total 33899 (delta 26150), reused 33319 (delta 25618)
 100% (33899/33899) done
Resolving 26150 deltas.
 100% (26150/26150) done
Checking files out...
 100% (4605/4605) done

[microblaze at monstr tmp]$ cd u-boot-microblaze/

[microblaze at monstr u-boot-microblaze]$ git checkout master
Switched to branch "master"

[microblaze at monstr u-boot-microblaze]$ git checkout -b merge
Switched to a new branch "merge"

[microblaze at monstr u-boot-microblaze]$ git pull 
remote: Generating pack...
remote: Done counting 2881 objects.
remote: Result has 2435 objects.
remote: Deltifying 2435 objects.
remote:  100% (2435/2435) done
Indexing 2435 objects.
remote: Total 2435 (delta 1950), reused 1971 (delta 1512)
 100% (2435/2435) done
Resolving 1950 deltas.
 100% (1950/1950) done
264 objects were added to complete this thin pack.
 100% (5075/5075) done
Auto-merged README
Removed board/mpc8641hpcn/pixis.c
Removed board/stamp/Makefile
Auto-merged common/Makefile
Removed cpu/at32ap/at32ap7000/devices.c
Removed cpu/at32ap/device.c
Removed cpu/bf533/cplbhdlr.S
Removed cpu/bf533/cplbmgr.S
Auto-merged cpu/microblaze/start.S
Removed include/asm-avr32/arch-at32ap7000/platform.h
Removed include/asm-blackfin/cplbtab.h
Removed include/asm-blackfin/cpu/cdefBF53x.h
Removed include/asm-blackfin/page.h
Removed include/configs/ezkit533.h
Auto-merged include/configs/ml401.h
Removed include/configs/stamp.h
Auto-merged include/configs/xupv2p.h
Auto-merged include/linux/stat.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in include/linux/stat.h
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.

I had problem with stat.h file. I resolve merge conflict (with vi) and then 
I tryied
start pull second time but without success.
On website is written "Before you request a pull, make sure there are no
merge conflicts with the mainline". OK
I change this file in microblaze repository and automatic merge work fine.
But I have to add change stat.h to microblaze repository.
Does command exist for finding merge conflict?

And second thing after automatic merge is added all patches from u-boot
mainline. Is it right way? Do you require add only one line with merge
www.denx.de/git/u-boot.git or the all patches? (What is the best command?)

Best regards
Michal Simek 

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