[U-Boot-Users] USB custodian repostiory updates

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon May 7 15:22:45 CEST 2007

Dear Markus,

in message <87ps5csu46.fsf at denx.de> you wrote:
> Please pull from the "master" branch at git://denx.de/git/u-boot-usb.git 

Sorry, but you have unresolved merge problems in your tree: I noticed
it in the CHANGELOG file:

4048 <<<<<<< master
4049 * Code cleanup
4051 * Various USB related patches
4052   - Add support for mpc8xx USB device.
4053   - Add support for Common Device Class - Abstract Control Model USB console.
4054   - Add support for flow control in USB slave devices.
4055   - Add support for switching between gserial and cdc_acm using environment.
4056   - Minor changes to usbdcore_omap1510.c usbdcore_omap1510.h
4057   - Update usbcore slightly to ease host enumeration.
4058   - Fix non-portable endian problems in usbdcore and usbdcore_ep0.
4059   - Add AdderUSB_config as a defconfig to enable usage of the USB console
4060     by default with the Adder87x U-Boot port.
4061   Patch by Bryan O'Donoghue <bodonoghue at codehermit.ie>, 29 May
4063 * Cleanup trab board for GCC-4.x
4064 =======
4065 commit 8078f1a5f63a739b8533478f6c2b62fb1e2f79d7
4066 Author: Wolfgang Denk <wd at pollux.denx.de>
4067 Date:   Sat Oct 28 02:28:02 2006 +0200
4068 >>>>>>> trunk

but you might want to check all other files as well.


Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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