[U-Boot-Users] LAST attempt - TI DaVinci TMS320DM644x support, part 1

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Tue May 8 08:43:14 CEST 2007

Hi Sergey,

On Tuesday 08 May 2007, ksi at koi8.net wrote:
> Here is my last attempt to somehow get this included in the main tree.
> Previous attempt was ignored, nobody told if something was wrong with this,
> TI guys just said some BS of another silicon revision and they were going
> to do something...

Sorry for this delay. But IIRC there was interest in your patches. Only nobody 
did a review till now. I CC'ed Peter Pease, the U-Boot ARM custodian since he 
will be responsible for this inclusion.

Peter, did you find the time to take a look at the patches? I'm not sure about 
the status of TI's DaVinci support and if we really should wait for their 
support. Perhaps it's better to start with Sergey's version.

> I'm not for a blood and don't want to start a rant but can somebody tell
> what is wrong with this? Or despite it being GPL I'm not good enough for
> such a contribution and U-Boot custodians have some kind of particular
> agreement with TI to protect their territory? Even despite all the BS about
> new silicon revisions and some workarounds no longer necessary, i.e. ALL
> the older boards, including $5K DV-EVM with older TM_X_320DM6446 are not
> supposed to work with TI's long promised shiny new version?
> Please let me know why this is not taken and silently ignored.

You are not being ignored. Unfortunately the U-Boot patch queue is still very 
long and it takes a lot of patience to cope with this situation. Sorry for 

Best regards,

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