[U-Boot-Users] IXP425 ethernet & NPE microcode

Eric BENARD ebenard at free.fr
Wed May 9 11:16:32 CEST 2007

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Pratt a écrit :
> When I used a pristine copy of u-boot, it wouldn't build for this
> target (couldn't make .depend in the cpu/ixp/npe directory or
> something similar). Since I had been building (snapgear) Linux using
> the Intel Open Access Library I copied IxNpeMicrocode.c from 
> IPL_ixp400NpeLibrary-2_0.zip [ie version 2.0 of the NPE Library] into
>  the cpu/ixp/npe directory. Admittedly this was just a guess as to
> what to do. U-boot now builds OK for this target, and I now have it
> running, but without ethernet.
You may check the Image Identifier in IxNpeMicrocode.c and be sure it's
the same as in the defines in include/IxNpeMicrocode.h else the
microcode search will fail and the NPE won't be loaded.


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