[U-Boot-Users] why "go 0x0" and "go 0x0c000000" could start u-boot?

HoHo_Zhao hoho_zhao at sina.com
Fri May 11 14:31:49 CEST 2007

hello, everyone:

(Will somebody write to me to tell me how i can see your replies?)

when reset cpu or power up, u-boot starts, press any key to stop it
automaticly boot the kernel,
i test "go 0x0" and "go 0x0c000000", but two of them could go to restart
I am sure u-boot was flashed in 0x0c000000, but why "go 0x0" has the
same effect?!

With my mxlads board, I know another truth, when power up, cpu exec the
first cmd in 0x0c000000.
(this could be set by switches)

Somebody know why?


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