[U-Boot-Users] Can't build U-Boot 1.2.0 for AT91

Ulf Samuelsson ulf at atmel.com
Fri May 11 23:08:25 CEST 2007

> Sorry, I tried to search the archives, but they were down.  As it was
> posted on the U-Boot website that the archives are frequently down, I
> wasn't sure when they'd be back up, so I posted to the list.
>> Your toolchain used hardware FP unconditionally, whereas u-boot uses
>> software FP.
>> Fix your toolchain.

Or remove the (unneccessary) "-msoftfloat" from your "cpu/<cpu>/config.mk" 
Works for me and is much easier than "fixing" the toolchain.

My "buildroot" at ftp://at91dist:distrib@ -> AT91 third 
party -> Linux-host -> Source
will do what you want.

Download buildroot 2007-04-20
create /tftpboot and /usr/local/arm and make sure you can write to them
as an ordinary user.

$ make B=at91sam9260dfc board
$ make

This will generate everything you need for running the AT91SAM9260EK
from a dataflashcard (I.E SPI0.CS0).
You will have to fix a few things if you want to run from a SPI0.CS1.

My U-boot 1.2.0 version does not detect NAND flash properly.

Best Regards
Ulf Samuelsson

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