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> RAM and starts it. Note that u-boot environment variables stay on the
> flash all the time.

No, that's not correct. They get relocated to RAM like all other
U-Boot code and data.

Not to mentions boards where the environment resides in EEPROM or
similar ;-)

> cores (both Microblaze and PPC) as well as for ARM CPUs. It's not
> approved by many experts and I don't wish to start discussion here
> whether such approach is the best in certain circumstances, but it
> definitely makes a lot of sense.

It certainly does.

Actually the situation is very simple: if you know how to do it, just
use it - you will then also know when it does not make sense. If  you
have  to  ask questions to get booting from RAM goind, then keep your
fingers off, as you don;t have the qualification to use it.

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