[U-Boot-Users] Crash after saveenv; reset commands

wenqing Gao tiplinky2002 at yahoo.com.cn
Thu May 17 09:43:15 CEST 2007

hi all :

I 've got a yaffs patch which  is not based on "#define CFG_NAND_LEGACY " . So I should write my own board_init function.To solve this problem , I used a nand boot patch provided by openmoko ,an open source cell phone project.Finally u-boot-1.2.0 works. But after I use saveenv command ,then reset,Problem occurred My board doesn't work , no serial feedback any more on minicom.Have you ever meet this problem? Can you give me any advice?

best regards

Gao Wenqing

tiplinky2002 at yahoo.com.cn

Wuhan University of Technology

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