[U-Boot-Users] idea: fdt_checkboard

Jerry Van Baren gvb.uboot at gmail.com
Fri May 18 04:27:27 CEST 2007

Timur Tabi wrote:
> Jerry,
> What do you think about implementing a board-specific function called 
> "fdt_checkboard()"?  On platforms that have this function, it would be 
> called by fdt_open_into(). fdt_checkboard() would scan the device tree 
> and make sure that it's the right tree for this board (e.g. by checking 
> the 'model' or 'compatible' fields), and return an error if it's not.
> This would be helpful in eliminating the possibility of accidentally 
> using the wrong device tree.  It could happen, for instance, if there 
> are multiple device trees for a given board.

Hi Timur,

I would rather give hush the ability to read fdt properties so that the 
logic could be scripted rather than being "hardcoded" in a C function. 
This would give some interesting capabilities, like selecting the proper 
fdt out of several in memory.

Unfortunately I'm spouting off out of ignorance, I don't know at this 
point how much effort it would take to give hush the ability to test fdt 

Best regards,

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