[U-Boot-Users] Fallback kernel

Marco Stornelli marco.stornelli at coritel.it
Thu Nov 29 17:20:54 CET 2007

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
>> I'm using two Linux kernel a fallback (safe) kernel and a kernel
>> downloaded in flash via ethernet. I'd like that u-boot starts the
>> downloaded kernel, if this kernel fails for more than N times uboot
>> starts the fallback. Is there already something like in uboot or how
 >> can I do that?

>U-Boot supports the "bootcount" variable to implement the Boot Count
>Limit feature (see CGL Requirements Definition). However, this
>requires a little processor specific support which so far is
>available only on few CPUs (but trivial to add where missing).

>Best regards,

>Wolfgang Denk

Why does it require a little processor specific support? In the
bootcount_load and bootcount_store, we could use an uboot environment
variable to store and load the value (if the env is in flash for
example), isn't it?

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