[U-Boot-Users] booting kernel image from jffs2 partition

Fabio Ubaldi fabio.ubaldi at coritel.it
Wed Sep 5 16:04:00 CEST 2007

Hi all,
I have a Spansion S29GL512N NOR flash. Specifically, I have two banks of 64 MB mapped in the following way: 

0xf4000000- 0xf7ffffff  First bank
0xfc000000-0xffffff     Second Bank (boot bank)

In the Linux kernel we have partitioned the flash in five parts:

0xf4000000 - 0xf43fffff Linux kernel image
0xf4400000 - 0xf4fffffff Rootfs Image
0xf5000000 - 0xf7ffffff Data1

0xfc000000 - 0xfff7ffff Data2
0xfff80000 - 0xffffffff U-boot image

We'd like to format linux kernel and rootfs image partitions (and the others) with jffs2, because the two images may be replaced with newer ones while Linux is running. 

A first question is: 
Is it possible to boot (bootm command) the images stored in partitions formatted using jffs2?
i.e. after the images are replaced and the machine is rebooted, can the u-boot be configured to read the new image from these jffs2 partitions?

If so, how is it possible to perform it?
Because from Internet and manual, I reckon out that u-boot works using binary or file-system images stored in raw way and I don't understand if the image can be read andloaded from a not-raw partitions.

Thanks in advance for the reply.
Fabio Ubaldi
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