[U-Boot-Users] booting kernel image from jffs2 partition

Marco Stornelli marco.stornelli at coritel.it
Thu Sep 6 11:43:48 CEST 2007

Stefano babic wrote:
 >Fabio Ubaldi wrote:
 >> We'd like to format linux kernel and rootfs image partitions (and the
 >> others) with jffs2, because the two images may be replaced with newer
 >> ones while Linux is running.

 >It is not a problem to replace the linux image while it is running,
 >because Linux runs from RAM. You can always replace the Linux image.

 >> A first question is:
 >> Is it possible to boot (bootm command) the images stored in partitions
 >> formatted using jffs2?

 >U-boot can read JFFS2 partitions, but as I said, this should not be
 >necessary if your goal is only to replace the kernel images. And u-boot
 >does not need to understand the rootfs, too.

 >stefano babic

Hi all,

I work with Fabio Ubaldi. The problem is this: the new linux kernel 
image is send to system from a remote site and the system has to update 
the image automatically. Our ideas was this: after the system had 
mounted the jffs2 linux kernel partition, it copy the new image in 
/mnt/kernel (jffs2 linux kernel partition) and after that the system is 
rebooted. To perform this U-Boot must be able to boot a linux kernel 
image from a jffs2 partition. I hope that the problem is now more clear.

Marco Stornelli

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