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Clemens Koller clemens.koller at anagramm.de
Wed Sep 19 00:18:38 CEST 2007

Hi, Roger!

Roger Williamson schrieb:
> Right... The arcitecture is arm, the module is a PXA270.  The odd bit about
> this whole mess is that the 'board' is actually a business-card sized board
> which we plug into our main-board.  That is a CCXP270 by Digi
> International.

Did you contact them already?

>  They shipped us the development environment which included
> some version of U-boot vintage 2005.  Since this is almost certainly an
> out-of-date version of U-boot, should I update my Uboot to the most recent
> version?

Generally yes. But that doesn't necessarily mean that this will solve your
current problem.

>>       I've run into an issue with my uboot, I want to display a bitmap
>> image when the system boots; however, all the screen does at startup is
>> fade from white to black and back until the OS boots up.

The TFT Displays I've seen fade slowly their colors and settle with
some line or block artefacts or flash when they are not clocked properly.
If you let them that way for some time (several hours) the liquid
crystal stuff gets polarized (or whatever effect that is) and the stripes
will stay forever. Check that the clocking fits to the datasheet.

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