[U-Boot] [PATCH 17/30] lan91c96/smc91111/smc911x: get mac address from environment

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Jun 9 13:53:11 CEST 2009

Dear Mike,

In message <1234847451-3210-18-git-send-email-vapier at gentoo.org> you wrote:
> The environment is the canonical storage location of the mac address, so
> we're killing off the global data location and moving everything to
> querying the env directly.
> Also, do not bother checking the EEPROM if the env is setup.  This
> simplifies the code greatly.

This patch (see also commit 03f3d8d3b39c,
changed behaviour of some network drivers.

As I just learned (sorry, I missed this in the initial review) it
drops a warning printed by the old code, when there were valid MAC
addresses stored both in the U-Boot environment ("ethaddr" variable)
and in the controller's EEPROM:

> -	if (env_present && rom_valid) { /* if both env and ROM are good */
> -		if (memcmp (v_env_mac, v_rom_mac, 6) != 0) {
> -			printf ("\nWarning: MAC addresses don't match:\n");
> -			printf ("\tHW MAC address:  "
> -				"%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X\n",
> -				v_rom_mac[0], v_rom_mac[1],
> -				v_rom_mac[2], v_rom_mac[3],
> -				v_rom_mac[4], v_rom_mac[5] );
> -			printf ("\t\"ethaddr\" value: "
> -				"%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X:%02X\n",
> -				v_env_mac[0], v_env_mac[1],
> -				v_env_mac[2], v_env_mac[3],
> -				v_env_mac[4], v_env_mac[5]) ;
> -			debug ("### Set MAC addr from environment\n");
> -		}
> -	}

This affects other drivers as well (cs8900 for example, in another

Can you please explain what your rationale was for removing this code?

I always found it pretty useful, and am missing it now ;-)

[Note that board/davinci/common/misc.c was added which uses this code,
sso one way or another a cleanup is needed.]

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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