[U-Boot] Porting u-boot to a custom fpga/ppc

NEAL, RYAN RYAN_NEAL at appsig.com
Wed Mar 4 19:55:30 CET 2009



I am sorry if this is a question that has been answered before.  It is
just that the entire project is overwhelming right now.   So I will ask
for some guidance.  


I need to write/port a bootloader to start a Xilinx virtex5 PPC.  It is
going to be running on a custom FPGA.  I am not really sure where I
begin, what files to create, modify, configure, etc...


I do have a problem that I am not sure is obviously resolvable.  I will
packaging the bootloader with the FPGA firmware files, they will be
written into the BRAM via a PCI bus.  The problem is that the MAC
address will not be resolved until the bootloader/firmware package has
been made.  Is there a way that I could write this value (via script?)
after the load?  Maybe I just don't understand the ways that the MAC
address can be written.  


Thanks for any help you can give! I understand that I am asking a large
general question, but I need some help finding the right road.


:: Ryan Neal

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