[U-Boot] Help on getting the AT91 u-boot patch

Justin Waters justin.waters at timesys.com
Fri Mar 6 15:42:01 CET 2009

On Thu, 2009-03-05 at 12:40 -0500, John Parten wrote:
> Hello Mailling List,
> I am trying to build U-Boot 1.3.4 from source, for the AT91SAM9260EK development board.
> I am following the instructions at http://www.linux4sam.org/twiki/bin/view/Linux4SAM/U-Boot
> I get to the point where it says take the AT91 u-boot patch set
> However, when I try to use ...
> wget http://www.linux4sam.org/twiki/pub/Linux4SAM/U-Boot/u-boot-1.3.4-exp.diff
> I get error "404 file not found"
> Also I tried ...
> wget http://www.linux4sam.org/pub/uboot/u-boot-1.3.4-exp/u-boot-1.3.4-exp.diff as per the table a bit further down on the page - this does not work either.
> Can anyone tell me how to get the AT91 u-boot patch file please ?
> ... many thanks
> ... kind regards
> ... John Parten


You are much better off using the mainline U-Boot at this point.  It is
far more stable and it's been getting better with each release.  I
looked at the 1.3.4 patch, and nearly all of those features are in
2009.01, plus more.  The only major difference is that upstream does not
support the AT91SAM9G20-EK.

With that being said, this link seems to work:


You should probably contact the folks at Linux4Sam to tell them that
their instructions are incorrect.

-Justin Waters

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