[U-Boot] Bad Data CRC ERROR: can't get kernel image!

Ronny D ronny_d37 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 08:18:06 CEST 2010

I am using u-boot version 2009-08
for customized PPC 440 based board.

Board is having 16MB Nor flash. I am
flashing the kernel image at 0xffdc0000, ramdisk at 0xff8c0000 and dtb at

When I pass bootm command through
u-boot prompt i.e “bootm 0xffdc0000 0xff8c0000 0xff200000”


Kernel booting stops with
following error message.

## Booting kernel from Legacy
Image at ffdc0000 ...

Image Name:   Linux-2.6.31-LE

Image Type:   PowerPC Linux Kernel
Image (gzip compressed)

Data Size:    936145 Bytes = 914.2

Load Address: 00000000

Entry Point:  00000000

Bad Data CRC

ERROR: can't get kernel image!


When I print the data that we
calculated in image_check_dcrc()  I found foloowing difference:

Calculated DCRC --------Data :
0xffdc0040 Len: 0xe48d1 dcrc: 0x5fe26d1e

From image_get_dcrc function DCRC: 0x72e08293


And hence return (dcrc ==
image_get_dcrc (hdr)) this condition become false.


Please let me know your input on

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