[U-Boot] howto flash ubi rootfs image into nand flash with u-boot?

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Fri Feb 12 17:49:53 CET 2010

Hello Dieter,

> I wonder how I can flash a ubi rootfs image into my NAND flash by
> using u-boot to do this?
> The doc inside u-boot doesn't show me some readme and also google
> doesn't have some interesting links for me.  The online help of the
> ubi commands is "a bit crypted " - at least for me and the denx online
> manual has no entries about ubi commands :(
> Please can someone point me into the right direction?

Well, in theory you should wrap your ubifs image with ubinize to get
"raw" contents which should be flashable with the standard nand write
commands (or any other flashing method).

Note however that I did not (yet) test this theory, so keep us posted
how reality relates to it ;)


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