[U-Boot] Add new NAND flash

Matthias Weißer weisserm at arcor.de
Fri Oct 1 16:31:40 CEST 2010


I would like to add a new NAND flash type to u-boot and have some 
problems with it. The type is

– Page size x8: 4320 bytes (4096 + 224 bytes)
– Block size: 256 pages (1024K + 56K bytes)
– Plane size: 2 planes x 1024 blocks per plane
– Device size: 16Gb: 2048 blocks

The NAND subsystem is configured as follows

#define CONFIG_NAND_MXC_V1_1
#define CONFIG_MXC_NAND_REGS_BASE	(0xBB000000)
#define CONFIG_SYS_NAND_BASE		(0xBB000000)

The NAND is connected (8 bit wide) to an iMX25 which is booting from 
NOR. So the NAND is only a mass storage device. I am able to read the ID 
of the chip.

2Ch 48h 04h 46h 85h

I then added the following entry to the nand_flash_ids[] table

{"NAND 2GiB 3,3V 8-bit",	0x48, 0, 2048, 0, LP_OPTIONS},

Before getting to the u-boot prompt I get the following message:

NAND:  NAND device: Manufacturer ID: 0x2c, Chip ID: 0x48 (Micron NAND 
2GiB 3,3V 8-bit)
NAND bus width 8 instead 16 bit

This is caused by bit 6 in id byte 4 which tells that the device is 16 
bit wide organized and the iMX specific part of the NAND system which 
tells the generic system that the device is connected via a 8 bit bus 
which is obviously correct as the flash chip only has 8 data lines.

Is there anything I am doing wrong here?


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