[U-Boot] u-boot.lds question

Will Khan willk at optiscan.com
Thu Mar 1 07:06:58 CET 2012

Hi all,
I'm trying to upgrade my u-boot from 16 May 2009 release (out of tree customized version) to the release version December 2011.   I'm a novice with u-boot, but after some hacking, I've had some success, but there are a few questions:

When I build (for powerpc MPC8349), I get the following error at the very end of the build, when it tries to link everything together:

                powerpc-linux-ld: cannot find cpu/mpc83xx/start.o

This error  make sense because start.o is actually located at arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc83xx/start.o.

When I look at u-boot.lds (in the main directory), it shows the incorrect path to start.o.  u-boot.lds is generated through the make all process.  When I manually fix the start.o pathname in u-boot.lds, everything builds fine.  My question is where and how is u-boot.lds generated?  I see where there is also a  u-boot.lds in arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc83xx/, with an explicit path to start.o, but this file seems to not do anything (I can modify the file or delete this specific u-boot.lds, and nothing happens -a new one is not created).  I've also looked through the main Makefile, but perhaps I missed something.  CPUDIR is set appropriately, and I see references to u-boot.lds, but I don't see the information that goes into u-boot.lds.  Please help!

Thanks in advance!
Will Khan
Phone : +61 3 9538-3368
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