[U-Boot] u-boot.lds question

Will Khan willk at optiscan.com
Thu Mar 1 23:47:52 CET 2012

> On Thursday 01 March 2012 01:06:58 Will Khan wrote:

> > When I look at u-boot.lds (in the main directory), it shows the

> > incorrect path to start.o.  u-boot.lds is generated through the make

> all process.

> > When I manually fix the start.o pathname in u-boot.lds, everything

> > builds fine.  My question is where and how is u-boot.lds generated?

> I

> > see where there is also a  u-boot.lds in arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc83xx/,

> > with an explicit path to start.o, but this file seems to not do

> > anything (I can modify the file or delete this specific u-boot.lds,

> > and nothing happens -a new one is not created).


> the top level u-boot.lds lacks a depend on the files that create it

> (known bug).  so you manually have to `rm` it in order for a new one

> to be generated.

> most likely the cpu subdir u-boot.lds is what is broken & needs fixing.

> -mike

One of my issues is that when I remove it and a new one is created, it is always created with the wrong path for start.o.  As well, when I make changes to the cpu subdir one, it doesn't affect anything.  In fact, I can delete it and a new one is not created, nor is there any complaint.  If anything else comes to your mind in terms of where to look, please let me know...


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