[U-Boot] [PATCH 00/11] mtd/SMI: Add support for ST SMI controller

Amit Virdi amit.virdi at st.com
Wed Mar 7 12:46:43 CET 2012

Dear Stefan,

>> I'm not sure about the status of this patchset. Can you please tell me
>> who's the custodian for SNOR flash devices?
> Usually I handle those kind of patches, as I'm the CFI flash custodian. I have
> assigned those patches to me. Since its not really bug fixes, I'll add them to
> the next branch, once it opens. So they will get pushed after the upcoming
> release.

Thanks for the information. I have added another patch as a cleanup for 
the timeout loops. Will you prefer V2 for this patchset with that commit 
added or you're fine with that as a separate commit?

Amit Virdi

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